Cascajal Foundation

Committed to our future leaders

We want to give special thanks to Arepa's culture for their generous donation to Cascajal Foundation. Thanks to this, we can continue to serve our purpose and support our youth to start the path to education...

Cascajal Foundation is a nonprofit - 501c(3) - devoted to procuring, funding, and promoting educational opportunities to benefit many hispanic students reach their goals.

What we do...

We’re dedicated to community projects centered on education, leadership, and access to transformative educational opportunities. By providing education opportunities, we help people learn more about themselves, grow, and bridge differences with others as well as developing new ways to support themselves as they push their own boundaries, make new connections, and gain fresh perspectives.

We organize a wide variety of social activities for fund-raising with the aim to provide financial support, such as scholarships, to a large range of Hispanic with lower-incomes. Since 2009, Cascajal Foundation has awarded students scholarships which cover partial tuition in different colleges and universities around the United States.


Cascajal Foundation is committed to inspire, prepare, and empower our future leaders with lifelong learning and advanced knowledge to produce positive change within our community and the country.


Our hope is that by 2020, Cascajal Foundation will be a leading institution in the United States in charge of creating and implementing programs to promote and support higher education.


Cascajal Foundation was originally founded in order to preserve, teach, and celebrate Colombia’s pacific coast customs in the United States.

Nonetheless, in the year 2009 we noticed that most of the youngest members of the hispanic community had no awareness, limited access, and little encouragement to pursue higher learning opportunities. Thus, we felt the need to address this issue by creating awareness and facilitating the access to better educational opportunities so that these youngsters attend Colleges and Universities around USA. To fulfill this need, under the leadership of its current president Geneticist Heladio Ibarguen, the organization shifted its focus to raise awareness and provide that initial moral and financial support for education to lower-income Hispanic community members.

Now, with the help of Cascajal Foundation leaders and the support of the community, We are helping hispanic youth gain college access by offering scholarships, counseling, mentoring, and raising awareness within hispanic communities in Houston, TX.